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Server Rules

[Image: logo.png]

Community Rules
 Welcome to Summit Roleplay. Before playing, we ask you to read these rules in order for all players to abide by them in an effort for everyone to have fun.

Anything you post on our forum becomes the property of Summit Roleplay at the time of the post. You may request for content to be removed at a later date, however, your request may be denied. You are expected to respect all members of the forum at all times. Any insults to others, Spamming, or Advertising of any kind may result in a permanent ban.
Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below.
Although the administrators and moderators of Summit Roleplay Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author. 
By agreeing to these rules, you agree that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.
The owners of Summit Roleplay Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason.
Summit Roleplay Forums reserves the right to change these rules and/or terms at any time without prior notification

Donating to our server is very welcome, and we will even reward you with perks in game for doing so. However, Donations are a gift to the server. All gifts are nonrefundable. You are not guaranteed perks in-game but offered them as a reward for your contribution. If in the event you are banned you will not receive any compensation for your donation. No bans are made without proper reasoning, and most bans are reversible. In the event, you are unbanned all your unused donator perks will remain tied to your account. Any attempt to Chargeback or dispute donations will result in an Instant ban. Additionally, if you dispute a payment we Reserve the Right to post any information you shared with us publicly until the debt is paid back to us.

In-Game Server
1. If you can't go somewhere RPly, don't go.. (IE: Driving your car through a gate to get on to City Hall Lawn)
2. Roleplay at All times (only Admins may deem a situation OOC)
3. Stealing Faction Vehicles is allowed with good reason, If the vehicle is Unlocked and running you may steal it without requesting permission before. If it is Locked and/or Not running you must request permission before doing so.
4. Do not use hacks, cheats, or bugs. We do tolerate hacks, cheats, or bug exploits. Any bugs that you find on the server should be reported to our administration team.
5. Do not Deathmatch, Deathmatching, or DM for short is when you attack a character in any way from vehicle to a weapon, to fist without a good reason. You need a valid RP reason to attack somebody and always use common sense when debating whether or not you should attack or murder someone.
6. Do not Revenge kill, If you lose all of your HP and “Spawn” back at the hospital (Which is a PK; "Player Kill"), you forget everything that happened at the situation in which you got killed and you can NOT go back and harm that player or it is revenge killing.
7. This is an English-speaking server! We do not tolerate any foreign languages in IC chat or OOC chat except private messages. If you want your character to learn a foreign language, try the book centers around town which will allow you to learn different languages for your character! As you hang around other people with the language you are attempting to learn, your skill will gradually increase allowing you to speak a foreign language IC through our script.
8. Do not mix IC information with OOC information! If you're mad at somebody out of character, do not take it out on them in character and vice versa. What happens in game, stays in game!
9. Do not insult or be disrespectful towards anyone on the server. The players on the server are here to have fun and have some high standard, long lasting and quality roleplay. They can't do that with people yelling at them in OOC! Respect everyone on the server! We are all here for the same reason.
10. If you are admin Jailed, you are expected to serve the jail time. If you'd like to report an unfair jail, you may do so on the ticket center.
11. Do not Metagame. Metagaming is not allowed on this server! If you want to know something IC, figure it out from IC actions. Do NOT private message players about locations and other information that can be found out from IC.
12. Do not Powergame. Give the players some time to react in roleplay, If you fail to give others time to react and act like superman or act unrealistically and just play to win, you will be punished. Give everybody a chance!
13. When wanting to roleplay a major situation such as robbing a bank, sniping, suicide planes, and other serious events you must have permission from a Lead Administrator!
14. We do not tolerate forced rape on this server. If both players agree to rape OOC, it is allowed but only in a private setting.
15. We do not allow pedophilia on the server! You May RP any age you wish, but no Paedophilia actions nor Bestiality will be allowed.
16. Do not rapidly press the jump key to get places faster and do not press the up arrow on your keyboard to speed up a motorcycle. Bunny hopping is unrealistic and so is the bike arrow abuse, do not do it!
17. It is against the rules to heal yourself during any sort of fight. If you get shot you roleplay it, if you get beat up, roleplay it. If you get hurt in any way, roleplay it. You should go to the hospital if you want to be healed from injuries.
18. Scamming people when trying to buy or sell a vehicle is forbidden. Any other sort of scam is allowed but remember to roleplay it correctly and keep it IC, no OOC scamming or influences.
19. If you're in an RP situation do not quit the game to avoid it. If you're going to die or about to get caught by the police and leave the server or quit the game. The same applies to death bills, if you break this rule, you WILL be punished!
20. Do not use abbreviations IC such as smiley faces and things like "LOL, WTF, ROFL or any others". (Text messages on cellphone are an exception)
21. Nobody in real life wants to have the police after them, do not provoke the police or similar agency into chasing or going after you or you will be punished.
22. Do not transfer over ANYTHING at all from one of your characters to another one of your characters. We have perk transfers for donators! Breaking this rule will result in an immediate permanent ban.
23. You must roleplay taking out weapons and items with a /me at all times.
24. Your /me(s) must be clear and understandable. If you are going to take out a weapon, say where you are taking it out from and how you are taking the weapon out with details so it is clear. Using multi-choice binds and or /me(s) such as the one that follows are not allowed. (( /me holsters/unholsters weapon.)) This is not allowed and you will be punished if you break the rule!
25. Drive like you would in real life! Here on the server, we drive on the right side of the road. Don't run into walls or drive irradically for fun! If you have an IC reason to break traffic laws or drive irradically, going off-road and etc, you must RP it properly.
26. If you want to start a government faction you must have permission from one of the Faction Review members!
27. Your account is yours! Keep it to yourself and do not share it with others. You are responsible for the actions that are performed on your account so if you are worried your sibling or friend may do something while you are gone, log out!
28. Do not pay others real-life dollars for anything in-game and vice versa! We reward people with money for donating! You need to actually roleplay for money. Also do not send private messages to people asking for things like money, vehicles, and properties.
29. Characters can not have the same name as celebrities or anyone famous for that matter. Nicknames can not be a character's real name. The character's name is what is on the birth certificate! A nickname is not on the certificate. "Zollar" is a cool nickname but may not be used as an RP name for a character as it's not a valid surname or first name.
30. Guns are a last resort! Do not pull a gun out without a proper RP reason. You have your fists and /me(s) for a reason.
31. A / me must clearly show other players what you intend to do, every / me that does not clearly show other players what you're doing or trying to do (/ me holsters/unholsters his gun) is not allowed.
32. All /advertisements should be roleplayed that they were placed in either a newspaper, tv commercial, or flyers around the city. Use common sense when using /ad. Do not request or offer illegal items or services through/ad.
33. When burning a House down, the owner must be online. You must request permission from a Lead+ Administrator to have the interior properly toggled. (effective 5/27)
34. When stealing a car, you MAY NOT steal the keys or have it /sell to you, Unless the owner OOCly agrees. You may steal a car, without the key by reporting to any Level Admin (2) +.
35. When stealing items from a car: IF the car is Unlocked, you may steal without approval. If the car is Locked, the owner must be online, and you must request permission form an administrator to do so. Please be prepared to present a valid RP Reason as to why you want to rob that particular car.
36. Do not Roleplay as mentally injured, nor other mental problems, this is not allowed!
37. No Illegal RP at the Bank, PDs, LSES, or City Hall.
38. Characters under 5 Hours may not be robbed, due to money Farming. (If you feel the person is lieing about their playtime you may ask an admin to verify)
39. You can not create public properties through the use of Note Spamming the perimeter of the location, Seek Admin Approval.
40. If Items are abused or used in a Non-RP manner, Admin+ are allowed to remove the items exploited without warning.
41. More than 1 character in the same faction is NOT allowed.
42. Any characters in Factions are not immune to Stat Transfers, in order to get your rank back, you must stat transfer. Leaders giving ranks back without members Stat Transferring will be punished OOCly. This means the members start from RANK 1 and NOT 1 rank below.
43. You must have a reason to evade the police. You must stop when being pulled over, and follow the normal procedure unless #2 is in play. Here are the following reasons where it is acceptable to evade:
1. You are being asked to exit the vehicle, and have illegal drugs/guns
2. You are already wanted
3. You have a felony amount of drugs, and or weaponry on your persona
44. You MUST /status bigger weapons (IE. AK-47, M4, Shotgun, MP5, Sniper, Country Rifle, etc.) if they're on your persona. The only exception to this is Police Duty who must RP guns of that nature in their cruiser and must RPly take it off of the gun rack. Failing to RP and /status bigger weapons WILL lead to an admin jail for Power Gaming. In a real-life situation, a bigger weapon (such as an M4) would not fit into a backpack unless taken apart. You must hold a duffle bag to do RP it in any sort of bag.
If you are driving, you do not need a /status. But once you exit the vehicle and guns are on your persona, you do need /status.
45. OOC Communication should be kept to a minimum, whenever entering RP scenes. No parties are allowed to communicate OOC’ly. Except when requested by Server Staff.
46. Value of Life Principle; Making a conscious decision that will possibly endanger lives(including yours), will result in your character receiving a CK if the outcome of the situation is fatal to your being. This applies to driving recklessly(speeding...), pursuits, attempts to murder/harm others, etc.

By playing at our server, donating to our server, registering to our forums, using our Discord server, or any other interaction with our community, you agree to the above-mentioned terms. Summit Roleplay reserves the right to change, alter, or remove any of the above-mentioned rules without notice. Failure to comply with our rules will result in a permanent ban from our community.

Police/Criminal Ratio

The ratio rule applies to major situations or scenarios that will require police notification. This rule prevents criminals from committing large crimes in public areas.

The ratio is 2 PD members per 1 criminal unless the list below states otherwise. Sometimes it may be just a set amount of police depending on the crime.

1 ) Kidnapping
2 PD members per criminal
Exceptions can be made if the situation was originally a mugging/street robbery or an illegal scam involving drugs/weapons and the victim runs away, but there must be at least two officers online, because if the victim escapes they would likely call the police to save them.

2 ) House theft
2 PD members online

3 ) Vehicle break-ins and theft of locked vehicles
2 PD members online

4 ) Arson
2 PD members online
1 Firefighter online (AFK doesn't count)

5 ) Mugging/Street Robbery
1 PD member per criminal

6 ) Illegal Scams
The police ratio does not apply to this as it will be up to the potential victim if they trust the potential scammer to conduct business

7 ) CK Assassinations
a) 3 PD members online for a non-government character
b) 5 PD members online for a government character

8 ) Store robbery
2 PD members online

However, the Police Ratio doesn't apply to crimes like:

Evading the police
Traffic violations
Selling or buying illegal items (weapons and drugs)

Common Sense is expected of all players. Certain rules are not listed to prevent a substantially larger list (examples include ninja jacking). If you're unsure of what is allowed, you can always report and ask an administrator.

Forum Rules
No advertising of other servers, or breaking any other rules that are also forced in-game.
Do not insult other players.
Leaving threads are not allowed.
Buying, Selling, and Trading shall only be done in the Buy/Sell/Trade section. Do not sell something IG for IRL money and vice versa.
Spamming will not be tolerated.
Any sort of links to screamer/jumpscare pages will not be tolerated due to the fact that it affects some people in real life.
No hate groups on forums, we've had issues with these in the past. Your group will end up being removed if it's considered racist or it's a group against a member of the community, and the founder of the group will be infracted.
Speaking negatively about the server, its staff, its members, or its tactics will result in the termination of your account. If you do not play here regularly, you are not entitled to a forum account.

We reserve the right to change the rules at any moment without prior notification.

Summit Roleplay,
Senior Administration.

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